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    Ever since then, the chief priest sort to kill the innocent boy but all to no avail, he sent assassins to kill him about three times, but all to no avail, they always failed, he would see the little boy sometimes running errands for his mother or probably going to school. The boy grew up into a strong guy always ready to run errands for his parent, they named him Gabriel. Only the first daughter of Omiyi knew Gabriel wasn’t part of the family but she never disclosed it to anyone. Anya later gave birth to other children, all knowing Gabriel as their elder brother. Gabriel didn’t have the urge to eat flesh because he never knew he was a cannibal, he never knew he was bitten by shallom, he never even knew he was from Tankute, he never knew he had abilities to do different things, he always saw himself as a normal young man. After sometimes, he was sent to the city to live with his Uncle, it was his Uncle who enrolled him into Newriton, a spy institute to become a spy.
    His twin brother Karma grew up in Tankute with the barren widow, he grew up knowing his father died when he was born and that the widow was his mother. As he came of age, he had the urge to become a fine warrior like the Man hunters but he wasn’t able to, the man hunters claimed he wasn’t a descendant of a man hunter, only shallom Ewite knew the truth but she kept it to herself, she told no one of it. Just as the man hunters were growing so also were the cannibals, they formed their own community in the jungle and spent day and night planning on how to take revenge on the man hunters, the man hunters of course knew nothing of it. At the time when the cannibals decided to attack, baby karma was about sixteen years old and had resigned to fate since the man hunters didn’t want him to be among them. The cannibals finally lunched their attack one night taking the man hunters by surprise, they killed all the normal beings among them among them and forced the cannibals among the man hunters to surrender to them, the cannibals among the man hunters on seeing this immediately surrendered to the jungle cannibals and became part of them, only one refused to surrender, that was Shallom Ewite. She was ready to remain faithful to Tankute, she was ready to defend Tankute to the last, and she refused to join the cannibals. The cannibals held her captive and kept her in a dark room ever since then. The cannibals now controlled Tankute, they would enter the village every month to feed on its people especially the old ones who were about to die. It was on one of such attacks that the old barren widow who was the guardian to little karma was eaten up. Karma immediately took refuge in the shrine of the old chief priest of Taankute who took him in willingly, he had actually seen the boy had the destiny to restore Tankute, the oracles had told him that one day, Karma twin brother would come back and they will restore Tankute. Shallom remained a captive with the hope that one day she will be freed, she never grew old, she remained young and beautiful as she was, she knew one day, the son of Wenakite she had imprinted on will surely come back, she believed the gods were alive. The chief priest of Tankute trained Karma to become a young fine hunter, he would sometimes look at the boy and say to him, “You are the guardian of Tankute”. Will Tankute ever be restored? Will Shallom ever be free? What will be the fate of the wicked cannibals, Karma and chila? How will Gabriel come into all these? What role does the spies from Newriton have to play in this? What happens to Adanna now that it seems Gabriel is meant for a cannibal who has already imprinted on him? Read all these in the final part of Act of Faith, the two fighting twins, it starts soon.

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