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    Love is the feeling
    By: queen nikky
    Episode 1
    She is pretty, she dresses elegantly and she drive
    Ferrari her name is Laura Edward. She curse the hell
    out of the shoe that want to ruin her face and even
    her Maid that didn’t bring another shoe. She
    remember vividly that she bought the same shoe
    just yesterday how can it even break? How dare it?
    All these while A man watch her from afar his name
    is lewis Bailey the heir to bails and son company.
    One glance at him you will know he is very rich and
    handsome too.seeing that Laura’s maid brought the
    same type of shoe for her again he thought she
    must have like their company too much.
    She was about to enter her Ferrari again when Lewis
    stop her.
    “ can I hitch a ride? ” lewis asked and swallowing
    hard and not to loose her mind to the handsome
    guy in front of her laura told him he is free.
    After driving for some minutes Lewis manage to ask
    for Laura’s name. He couldn’t believe he is starting
    a conversation with a lady that is cursing her shoe
    “ well my name is Laurette but you can call me
    laura ” Laura said flashing her inviting lips.
    “ where are you going? ” lewis feels strange
    because of how it sounds in his ears.
    “ probably to loose this baby ” laura said hitting her
    “ what?! Are you pregnant? Why abort your baby? ”
    lewis asked but she laughed again making his heart
    “well I’m going on a blind date right now at
    rashfords restaurant and I always break up with my
    dates after five minutes but I always grant them a
    wish and most of them always choose my car last
    month I lost a range Rover ” laura laughed.
    Her family must be wealthy for her to wasting cars
    like that. Actually lewis is also going on a blind
    date in the same restaurant but he wouldn’t mind
    going on a date with this beautiful lady he met
    Laura wouldn’t mind the handsome dude too, it
    seems like something draw them together both
    party falling in love at first sight.
    Both of them wait for their dates but it seems none
    will make so they both decide to be each other’s
    Surprisingly the attend the same college
    The Bailey’s residence
    Three brothers can be seen discussing, the first one
    is Daniel he is very tall and very fit he have the
    perfect definition of sexy body and his smile can
    make a lady fall in love immediately, he is in love
    with the house maid Bridgette but their love is
    some kind of impossible since he doesn’t know
    whether the young lady feels the same and his
    mother won’t even support them.
    The second is Justin the handsome and quiet of all
    them he is in love with a young lady called Clara.
    The third one is Paul the ambitious one among
    them, he want all their father’s inheritance for
    himself and he sought way to get rid of all his
    They smiled when they sight their elder brother’s
    car. Lewis shake his brother’s hands with a wide
    smile on his face.
    “ I wonder what happened today that cold ice is
    smiling ” Daniel said jokingly referring to lewis.
    “ what’s up today bro? Any occasion ” Paul let out
    a fake smile.
    “ I met a girl today ” lewis said smiling.
    “ who could she be that my brother smiled because
    of her? Hmm ” Daniel said as the funny guy he is.
    “ well she is just someone i met on a date and
    thanks to me she didn’t lose her car ” lewis said
    proudly as he walk away.
    “ what does he mean? ” Justin ask no one in
    Golden palace
    “ welcome miss Laura ” the numerous servants
    greet laura as she make her princess like
    appearance into the house.
    “ Laura its strange today ” Rosemary Laura’s best
    friend said.
    “ what is? ” laura replied with a carefree attitude.
    “ you came back with your car or didn’t you go on
    the date again? ” Rosemary asked.
    “ well the date was well I met a sexy man ” Laura
    said with a smile.
    “ sexy man? Why is it that all she think of every
    time is sexy? ” Rosemary muttered.
    “ gelica? What’s the menu tonight? ” Laura shouted.
    “ eggplant pasta and tomato sauce ” Angelica
    replied calmly.
    “ good Rosemary I think now that I have a boyfriend
    now my mom will tell me who my father is ” laura
    said happily.
    To be continued….

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    chris james

    nice one

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    love is the feeling
    By: queen nikky
    Episode 2
    Bailey’s residence

    “ who is this lady that make you so happy today
    Lewis ” Clarissa Lewis’s mother asked during

    “ oh she is a girl that always give her ex boyfriends her car whenever she break up with them ” lewis said calmly.

    “ her family must be damn rich for her to be
    breaking up with guys in such a manner ” Paul

    “ well it seems she is falling for me if not you
    would have seen me with another car today but I kind of like her too ” lewis smiled.

    “ seriously for my brother to praise a girl like this she must be so great ” Justin said.

    “ anyhow just make sure she is a good girl ” Mr
    bailey contribute for the first time to the silly

    Golden palace
    “ laura i thought we already reach an agreement on this thing stop bothering that woman she is giving you enough care already ” Rosemary said after what laura said earlier.

    “ seriously? I shouldn’t ask her again? Rosemary I deserve to know who fathered me whether he is dead or he is still living Rosemary I have to know ” laura yelled.

    “ okay you deserve to know but why did I feel this would affect you? Okay let’s put that aside how is your boyfriend ” Rosemary said following laura to her princess’s styled room.

    The room was well furnished just one glance you will know that the room smells money.

    The room alone can accommodate up to thirty people. on the right is her dressing room which look like a boutique, all sort of expensive dresses were arrange neatly In many drawers.

    Her pyjamas were located at the end of the dressing room just one meter away from her shoes and bag. The servants brought five pairs of different pyjamas each and she choose the one with strawberries on it and a pair of fluffy slipper.

    “ well let me say handsome and tall and very sexy I like him ” laura said carrying one of her teddy bears which was arranged neatly according to their size at the left side of the room.

    “ sexy? Again? why is it that everything you always think about a man is sexy? Its not as if you will sleep with them if anybody hear you talking about a man being sexy they would think you a s**t not knowing you are actually a virgin ” Rosemary rants but laura is not concerned all she is thinking about is the man she met today.

    “ Lewis ” laura muttered.

    “ lewis Bailey? Now I know why you are affected that’s the hottest guy in our department ” Rosemary shouted.

    “ really? Why didn’t you tell me about him before? ” laura pinch her.

    “ the thing is you are always looking for a sexy
    man breaking up with all your dates so I couldn’t bring his matter up and he is also a cold type who doesn’t look at ladies who knows you guys will met like this? ” Rosemary bluffed.

    “ hmm so tell me about him ” laura said with a
    pleading look.

    “ well he is eldest son of Mr bailey of Bails and
    sons that big company that is in los Angeles ”
    Rosemary said.

    “ wow so rich but why will he hitch a ride from me?

    ” laura muttered.

    “ maybe his car is faulty don’t you think? He is a
    guy who doesn’t look at ladies for him to even greet you he must have like you and you guy suit each other Mr and Mrs grumpy ” Rosemary laughed.

    “ hey who is Mrs grumpy I kind of like the guy ”
    laura hiss.

    “ but you are going to be in a big problem with
    Clara Nelson ” Rosemary announced.

    “ that foxy bitch? Oh leave her alone she is just a loser after all you make me laugh ” laura laughed.

    “ she is dangerous I heard she is crazy ” rosemary said.

    “ well I’m the most craziest lady on earth so I’m
    going to have lewis bailey for myself ” laura said and Rosemary sighs.

    In a beautiful park, a lady of about Laura’s age can be seen reading a novel when one of her friend came to gist her about something.

    “ hey Clara what are you doing here? ” Suzy Clara’s friend called her attention.

    “ just reading this novel any gossip today? ” Clara asked knowing what her friend came for.

    “ oh what’s wrong with my secretary by queen
    nikky? That’s so cool can you borrow me when you complete it? ” Suzy said.

    “ any gossip today? ” Clara said with a sigh
    ignoring Suzy’s rants.

    “ well I happen to see laura and lewis together
    today in a restaurant. It seems like a date ” Suzy

    “ what?! That girl doesn’t know I always get what i want ” Clara let out a wicked smile.

    “ well let’s see where it will take them to ” her
    smile turn to a smirk.

    To be continued……

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    Love is the feeling
    By: queen nikky
    Episode 3

    Golden palace
    “ but I wonder why you will tell me now that I’m in my final year why didn’t you introduce me to him before ” laura frown at Rosemary.

    “ well I’ve already explained why, how do you want your graduation party? Simple? Elaborate? Big? “Rosemary said using a file on her nails.

    “ I want my graduation party in my father’s house ” laura scowled.

    “ that again laura you won’t ever listen” Rosemary frowned.

    “ yes leave her alone she won’t listens ” Rosara’s deep voice interrupt them.

    “ welcome back ma’am ” the maids greeted

    “ mum you are back ” Rosemary said happily.
    It had become a tradition for her to call Laura’s
    mother her mom since she is an orphan.

    Rosemary and laura met the day Rosemary’s
    mother died and Mrs Edward accept her as her
    other daughter immediately so she told Rosemary to call her mom.

    “ mum I guess you heard that too right? ” laura
    asked feeling unbothered.

    “ yes I heard it and your father is alive too I will
    give you his address ” Rosara replied and Laura’s face beamed with smiles.

    “ really? Mom do you really mean that? ” laura said happily.

    “ since you insist I have no choice but to do it I just hope it won’t affect you in anyways okay? ” Rosara said with her thick voice.

    “ thank you mom I love you I wonder who my father is. Is he rich? Wealthy did I have brothers? Sisters?

    Oh my ” laura said with excitement written on her

    Bailey’s residence
    The four brothers and and their sister Linda sat
    quietly in the dining room looking at their father
    with what does he mean? Look.

    “ I just said you are going to have another sister ”
    Mr bailey repeated.

    “ what? Dad you mean mom is pregnant with a girl?

    That’s cool a little baby sister is not that bad ”
    Linda said happily

    “ no he mean your twin sister Linda, I hate to say this but I’m not your mother, when your mother gave birth to you I told her to bring both of you to me but she hide the other one perfectly ” Clarissa said Linda gasp in shock.

    “ I can’t understand please explain ” Linda said with teary eyes.

    “ it all happened on Lewis’s first birthday party ”
    Clarissa started.

    # flashback
    “ wow how can he be so cute? ” rosara said
    holding Lewis’s hand.

    The four friends were present, James, Rosara, Fred and Jane. They were six friends in total that is, the four I mentioned Clarissa and Roy. Roy married clarissa so they gave to a son so their other friends came to celebrate their son’s first birthday with them.

    Rosara is from a rich family likewise Roy, both are the future successor to their parents’ assests.

    Later at night after putting lewis to sleep, clarissa suggest a game in which the loser drinks a glass of wine.

    Before the game ends, Rosara and the remaining girls even Fred and James were as drunk as dead.

    Only Jake is sober since he kept winning, Rosara keep nagging in her drunken state how her father will be worried if she get home late.

    “ jake can you please drop this nagging princess safely at her abode? ” clarissa murmured.

    “ oh I’m so tired ” Jake yawned lazily.

    “ don’t worry I’m sober I can drive home where are my keys? ” Rosara struggle to stand while others just stare at her as she fell again.

    “ you are sober? Cut the crap my friend Jake! Drop this nagging princess safely ” Clarissa yelled and Jake stood up taking rosara’s hand,he lead her to the car and he drop her safely but when he notice she is too drunk he offer to take her to her room, at the elevator Rosara started calling Jake her boyfriend Frank but Jake understand she is drunk that she didn’t know he is the one not frank.

    When they get to her room she suddenly hug him calling him Frank, it is obvious that she don’t know what she is doing, one thing led to another and they end making love that night.
    Rosara wake up the next morning but Jake is gone too ashamed to face her. Rosara remember everything they did that night and she wept profusely thinking about Frank her boyfriend. To complicate the matter she end up being pregnant but Clarissa is a good friend she understand everything and she offer to hide Rosa till she delivers so Frank won’t suspect anything.

    Rosara gave birth to twins but she didn’t want to give up her two daughters because they are so beautiful and she love them.

    “ and what happened? Why did I end up here with you? ” Linda yelled banging her fist on the table.

    “ I betrayed her because I also loved you and Laura ” Clarissa said with a shaky voice.

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    Love is the feeling
    By: queen nikky
    Episode 4
    “ she hide laura well but I get to take you forcefully that is why that she will never talk to me or Jake again ” Clarissa explained in tears.
    “ so you mean you took me forcefully from my mom? Laura grew up without a father and I grew up without a mom? This is unfair” Linda cried and the other family members remain quiet except Clarissa who was sobbing.
    “ but I’m your mom Linda I raised you as my daughter which I never had and I loved you”
    “ if you loved me as you claimed you won’t think of hiding that great secret from me seriously you think I won’t find out somehow? Mom you are wicked ” Linda sniffs her eyes red as a burning fire.
    “ I did it because I love you and Laura ” Clarissa said with please forgive me expression.
    “ I think I need fresh air to clear my head thanks for the meal ” Linda hurried out of the room weeping but lewis follow her promising their parents he will talk to her.
    Golden palace
    Rosemary can be seen in her own room pressing her phone she is obviously chatting with one of her numerous boyfriend when Laura enter the room holding two beautiful dresses, one is a pink silk mini gown designed with lace while the other is a black hot chic dress.
    “ I wonder which one will look great on me ” laura asked while rosemary burst into loud laughter.
    “ seriously are you a slut? That black chic dress is too hot and it show too much skin and for that pink gown it is old fashioned ” placing her phone on the small shelf beside the bed she burst into another round of laughter.
    “ ah I get it shopping? ” Laura said and rosemary snapped her fingers.
    An hour later the two friends can be seen with two bags full of clothes, shoes and bag coming out of a boutique.
    Laura end up picking a lace dress with golden patches and it suit her skin but the other clothes? She may not wear them.
    “ finally my friend is meeting her father after so many years hurray! ” Rosemary shouted popping the champagne.
    “ I’m so happy right now all thanks to my mom, now I have the most handsome guy as my boyfriend and I’m meeting my dad for first time ” laura said happily.
    “ you mean Lewis? Wow my friend is in love” Rosemary teased.
    “ whatever you say I just love him ” Laura said in a dreamily way and rosemary hit her fiercely with her palm.
    “ what was that for? ” Laura winced in pain.
    “ I just feel like beating you up and I don’t know why ” Rosemary grinned enjoying every bit of Laura’s discomfort.
    “ wait here I’m going to tear you into shreds Rosemary” Laura yelled chasing Rosemary but Rosemary ran and hid under the dinning table.
    “ Rosemary come out while I’m still being nice Rosemary!! ” Laura clench her teeth unknown to her Rosemary crawled from her hiding place and she stood behind laura just like a cat that want to catch a mouse, suddenly Rosemary smack her butt and Laura let out a loud yelp but Rosemary doesn’t seem to care instead she ran into the room and she lock the door.
    “ Rosemary I swear I will kill you! ” Laura cursed banging Rosemary’s door, their little drama is now attracting laughs and giggles of the servants.
    “ Rosemary you will pay for this ” Laura shouted and she made to leave but Rosemary open the door again with a smile she repeat what Laura said earlier “ Rosemary you will pay for this ” in a mocking manner and she lock the door again.
    “ I’m so pissed off Rosemary I will kill you ” Laura kicked the door with her barefoot and it sure hurts her. “ auch that hurts ” she said before limping to her room.
    She sat down on her bed thinking of the best way to get back at Rosemary then she snap her hands at the perfect idea.
    Later that evening while they were having dinner Laura didn’t eat anything with the excuse that her stomach is bad.
    She left them to execute her perfect plan, she tip toed to Rosemary’s room and luckily she found Rosemary’s nightie on the bed smiling at her, she took a needle and thread then she sew the neck, after doing this she crawl to a corner waiting for Rosemary to come.
    Fifteen minutes later Rosemary did come and after yanking her clothes to a corner she pick the nightie and wearing it seems difficult, she couldn’t get head out of cloth and while she is struggling with the clothes laura pounce on her like an hungry lion feeding on its prey.
    She gave her a good beating before she finally let her go.
    “ its your turn now laura you are going to pay ” rosemary winced in pain.
    “ Rosemary is a herb in my garden when will rosemary bloom? That I don’t know when will see rosemary flowers I don’t know ” laura sang provoking rosemary.
    “ I accept defeat there is no payback you are going to your father’s house tomorrow I hope you find happiness ” rosemary said in defeat tone.
    “ hey won’t you follow me? ” Laura asked.
    “ so you can kill me? ”
    “ what? ” laura smiled picking another nightie for Rosemary.
    “ you promised to kill me remember? ” Rosemary said with frown.
    “ that was a joke ”
    To be continued…..

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