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    How to check glo data balance is one question almost all glo subscribers do ask when they are are on any glo subscription.

    The question are asked more for persons who are new to glo, haven’t used there glo simcard over a period of time, have just subscribed or have been given given data bonus for recharging there glo line (simcard).

    Whatever be the case, today i will be showing you how to check your glo data balance and the code to check glo data balance.

    How to check glo data balance

    How do i check my glo data balance?

    To check your glo data balance you should have the following;

    • A phone.
    • A working glo simcard.

    If you have the above mentioned requirements, then you are so good to go to check your glo data balance.

    For paid data;

    That is data you bought, not the one been given to you as bonus.

    You can use the 4 different methods which you find below, any of them can show you your glo data balance.

    1. Via sms:

    You can check the balance of the Internet subscription of Glo by means of the SMS.

    You need to send the SMS with the word “INFO” without quotes to number “127“.

    You receive the response message almost instantly in which all necessary information including the current Internet subscription of Glo, for example; expiry date and the remaining data volume, will be specified all in the message.

    2. Via the Short Code (*777*):

    You can also check your glo data balance by Simply Dial-in *777# , on your mobile/PC/etc, then select your current subscription plan —> ChooseManage data ” —> Select “ data balance” and wait for a reply message from glo network which you will receive almost immediately.

    3. Via USSD:

    This method is my favorite method of checking my glo data balance, because it is very short and simple.

    You can always remember even after a long period of time.

    To check your glo internet subscription balance Via USSD Simply dial *127*0#

    And you will receive a response immediately.

    4. Check Glo Data balance Online:

    This is the last method on my list to check your paid glo data balance.

    This method i consider it a more longer process, and also it takes time compared to the first 3, i mentioned above.

    If you still want know about this method just goto hsi.glo.com to check your data balance on glo network online.

    know that this method uses data to check, whereas the sms, shortcode, ussd don’t.

    For bonus data;

    This are the data you didn’t buy, they sometimes given to you when you recharge your glo line.

    How to check your glo bonus data balance.

    Checking your glo bonus data balance is simple and short, also it has only 2 method

    To check your data balance, simply use the;

    Via Short code:

    This can be done by dialing #122#

    Via Ussd code:

    you can check your account directly by dialing the ussd code #124*1#.


    I guess with all the various methods stated above how to check your Glo data balance won’t be an issue anymore.

    Hope this post will really be helpful to you.

    You can comment what you have in mind about this posg in rhe comment box below.

    Remember to vist a2spot.com for more information like this.

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