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“Next up, Fin and Wincho” Charles Dike said, Wincho was the first to step into the battle ground, Fin came in slowly and confidently. “Remember, the loser here ceases to be part of us” Charles Dike reminded. “Now fight” Charles ordered and the two began circling themselves in the round battle ground. “Remember, your can weaken your enemies by just telling them hurtful words” Charles shouted to them, “What can I possibly tell this beast?” Wincho asked himself as he circled on, they had been circling for about ten minutes without anyone approaching the other. “Fight!!!” Charles Dike shouted again. Fin with a very fast sprint advanced towards wincho, he threw him a face kick which Wincho was fast enough to weave by rolling away from him. He immediately did a fast get up as Fin approached him again, this time Fin came with a punch which Wincho guided by holding up Fin hand in the air. With the other hand, Wincho made to deliver a punch to Fin’s face but missed as Fin swiftly bent down, he didn’t only bend down, he immediately lifted Wincho up the ground and landed him heavily on the floor. Wincho trying not to give up quickly did a fast get up but immediately he got up, a kick was delivered to his face which made him stagger back. He was still trying to regain balance when he felt something hit him heavily pushing him to the ground, it was fin, he had delivered a diving hit to Wincho with his shoulders. Fin got up and waited for Wincho to get up but Wincho only grumbled and rolled on the floor unable to get up. Fin wasn’t done as he dragged Wincho from the ground and started delivering punches to his face mercilessly. Wincho was now bleeding badly but he was still conscious. Fin made to give his finishing move as he raised his hand to deliver his last punch but unfortunately for him, Wincho caught his hand in the air and with a swift move lifted Fin up and threw him heavily to the ground. Fin immediately did a quick get up and advanced toward wincho again, Wincho didn’t allow him come closer as he immediately did a forward roll and landed Fin a punch to his jaw. Fin spat out blood immediately, he also staggered back and eventually landed to the ground unable to get up.

Karma, Christiana and Vince continued running away from the warriors who chased after them ceaselessly, they soon got into the jungle and stopped. “Why stopping?” Christiana asked, “There is no where we can run to, there are lot of paths leading to the jungle, the warriors are already around here somewhere” Karma said as he drew out his sword so also did Vince. “Have this” Karma passed a knife to Christiana. They stood back to back in order to have a clear view of the jungle and also be able to attack effectively. “We have to keep moving, we can’t just stay here” Christiana said, “What do we do now?” Vince asked, “Keep moving” Christiana answered. Just then there was a rustling a in the bush and they all stood still ready to attack. With a flash something passed them, something that stopped and hit the tree behind them, it was an arrow. “Run!!” Karma shouted as he took to his heels, the remaining two followed.
“Okay, goodnight love” Alvana said to Morgana as they both laid on the bed ready to sleep. “Goodnight” Morgana replied as she turned to face the other side. Alvana was just closing his eyes when his phone rang, he stared at the screen for some minutes before picking up the call. “Alvana” He said as he picked the call, “Spy, Newriton needs you one more last time” The caller said and the call ended. Not long after his call ended, Morgana phone rang and the same information was given to her. “What could it be this time?” Alvana asked as he got up from his bed and immediately changed into his Uniform. Morgana did the same and soon, they were both on the way to the base.

“I thought we were done with this” Gabriel said as he shook hands with Matt, he has gotten the same call that night and had immediately drove on his bike to the base. Alvana soon came with his wife and they all exchanged pleasantries. Not up to 15 minutes after the Alvanas arrived, Darlington showed up. He wasn’t with his fiancé Tonia, she happens to be of course at the base that night. “Let’s move” Matt said and they all walked to the meeting hall where Sir Ajan, Gwen, and Tonia were already present. “Finally, you are most welcome” Sir Ajan greeted as he got up to shake hands with them. “Hope there is nothing of disaster?” Matt asked as he sat down, “There will be if what we noticed is not taken care of in time” Sir Ajan said, “Hope Sir Jude Ike hasn’t resurfaced from nowhere again?” Gabriel asked, Sir Ajan smiled. “It isn’t Sir Jude this time, this is someone that can become more deadly than Sir Jude, Christiana is alive” Sir Ajan smiled.
Back to Gabriel’s apartment, Adanna who had lost all interest to sleep since her husband left to Newriton got up and walked to the sitting room to at least watch a movie or two. The stranger was still in the sitting room, he had been showed the guest room but he insisted he wanted to relax a bit before sleeping. As he saw Adanna walk into the sitting room, his eyes became all white, his taste for flesh was uncontrollable.

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