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Love is the feeling
By: queen nikky
Episode 3

Golden palace
“ but I wonder why you will tell me now that I’m in my final year why didn’t you introduce me to him before ” laura frown at Rosemary.

“ well I’ve already explained why, how do you want your graduation party? Simple? Elaborate? Big? “Rosemary said using a file on her nails.

“ I want my graduation party in my father’s house ” laura scowled.

“ that again laura you won’t ever listen” Rosemary frowned.

“ yes leave her alone she won’t listens ” Rosara’s deep voice interrupt them.

“ welcome back ma’am ” the maids greeted

“ mum you are back ” Rosemary said happily.
It had become a tradition for her to call Laura’s
mother her mom since she is an orphan.

Rosemary and laura met the day Rosemary’s
mother died and Mrs Edward accept her as her
other daughter immediately so she told Rosemary to call her mom.

“ mum I guess you heard that too right? ” laura
asked feeling unbothered.

“ yes I heard it and your father is alive too I will
give you his address ” Rosara replied and Laura’s face beamed with smiles.

“ really? Mom do you really mean that? ” laura said happily.

“ since you insist I have no choice but to do it I just hope it won’t affect you in anyways okay? ” Rosara said with her thick voice.

“ thank you mom I love you I wonder who my father is. Is he rich? Wealthy did I have brothers? Sisters?

Oh my ” laura said with excitement written on her

Bailey’s residence
The four brothers and and their sister Linda sat
quietly in the dining room looking at their father
with what does he mean? Look.

“ I just said you are going to have another sister ”
Mr bailey repeated.

“ what? Dad you mean mom is pregnant with a girl?

That’s cool a little baby sister is not that bad ”
Linda said happily

“ no he mean your twin sister Linda, I hate to say this but I’m not your mother, when your mother gave birth to you I told her to bring both of you to me but she hide the other one perfectly ” Clarissa said Linda gasp in shock.

“ I can’t understand please explain ” Linda said with teary eyes.

“ it all happened on Lewis’s first birthday party ”
Clarissa started.

# flashback
“ wow how can he be so cute? ” rosara said
holding Lewis’s hand.

The four friends were present, James, Rosara, Fred and Jane. They were six friends in total that is, the four I mentioned Clarissa and Roy. Roy married clarissa so they gave to a son so their other friends came to celebrate their son’s first birthday with them.

Rosara is from a rich family likewise Roy, both are the future successor to their parents’ assests.

Later at night after putting lewis to sleep, clarissa suggest a game in which the loser drinks a glass of wine.

Before the game ends, Rosara and the remaining girls even Fred and James were as drunk as dead.

Only Jake is sober since he kept winning, Rosara keep nagging in her drunken state how her father will be worried if she get home late.

“ jake can you please drop this nagging princess safely at her abode? ” clarissa murmured.

“ oh I’m so tired ” Jake yawned lazily.

“ don’t worry I’m sober I can drive home where are my keys? ” Rosara struggle to stand while others just stare at her as she fell again.

“ you are sober? Cut the crap my friend Jake! Drop this nagging princess safely ” Clarissa yelled and Jake stood up taking rosara’s hand,he lead her to the car and he drop her safely but when he notice she is too drunk he offer to take her to her room, at the elevator Rosara started calling Jake her boyfriend Frank but Jake understand she is drunk that she didn’t know he is the one not frank.

When they get to her room she suddenly hug him calling him Frank, it is obvious that she don’t know what she is doing, one thing led to another and they end making love that night.
Rosara wake up the next morning but Jake is gone too ashamed to face her. Rosara remember everything they did that night and she wept profusely thinking about Frank her boyfriend. To complicate the matter she end up being pregnant but Clarissa is a good friend she understand everything and she offer to hide Rosa till she delivers so Frank won’t suspect anything.

Rosara gave birth to twins but she didn’t want to give up her two daughters because they are so beautiful and she love them.

“ and what happened? Why did I end up here with you? ” Linda yelled banging her fist on the table.

“ I betrayed her because I also loved you and Laura ” Clarissa said with a shaky voice.

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