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love is the feeling
By: queen nikky
Episode 2
Bailey’s residence

“ who is this lady that make you so happy today
Lewis ” Clarissa Lewis’s mother asked during

“ oh she is a girl that always give her ex boyfriends her car whenever she break up with them ” lewis said calmly.

“ her family must be damn rich for her to be
breaking up with guys in such a manner ” Paul

“ well it seems she is falling for me if not you
would have seen me with another car today but I kind of like her too ” lewis smiled.

“ seriously for my brother to praise a girl like this she must be so great ” Justin said.

“ anyhow just make sure she is a good girl ” Mr
bailey contribute for the first time to the silly

Golden palace
“ laura i thought we already reach an agreement on this thing stop bothering that woman she is giving you enough care already ” Rosemary said after what laura said earlier.

“ seriously? I shouldn’t ask her again? Rosemary I deserve to know who fathered me whether he is dead or he is still living Rosemary I have to know ” laura yelled.

“ okay you deserve to know but why did I feel this would affect you? Okay let’s put that aside how is your boyfriend ” Rosemary said following laura to her princess’s styled room.

The room was well furnished just one glance you will know that the room smells money.

The room alone can accommodate up to thirty people. on the right is her dressing room which look like a boutique, all sort of expensive dresses were arrange neatly In many drawers.

Her pyjamas were located at the end of the dressing room just one meter away from her shoes and bag. The servants brought five pairs of different pyjamas each and she choose the one with strawberries on it and a pair of fluffy slipper.

“ well let me say handsome and tall and very sexy I like him ” laura said carrying one of her teddy bears which was arranged neatly according to their size at the left side of the room.

“ sexy? Again? why is it that everything you always think about a man is sexy? Its not as if you will sleep with them if anybody hear you talking about a man being sexy they would think you a s**t not knowing you are actually a virgin ” Rosemary rants but laura is not concerned all she is thinking about is the man she met today.

“ Lewis ” laura muttered.

“ lewis Bailey? Now I know why you are affected that’s the hottest guy in our department ” Rosemary shouted.

“ really? Why didn’t you tell me about him before? ” laura pinch her.

“ the thing is you are always looking for a sexy
man breaking up with all your dates so I couldn’t bring his matter up and he is also a cold type who doesn’t look at ladies who knows you guys will met like this? ” Rosemary bluffed.

“ hmm so tell me about him ” laura said with a
pleading look.

“ well he is eldest son of Mr bailey of Bails and
sons that big company that is in los Angeles ”
Rosemary said.

“ wow so rich but why will he hitch a ride from me?

” laura muttered.

“ maybe his car is faulty don’t you think? He is a
guy who doesn’t look at ladies for him to even greet you he must have like you and you guy suit each other Mr and Mrs grumpy ” Rosemary laughed.

“ hey who is Mrs grumpy I kind of like the guy ”
laura hiss.

“ but you are going to be in a big problem with
Clara Nelson ” Rosemary announced.

“ that foxy bitch? Oh leave her alone she is just a loser after all you make me laugh ” laura laughed.

“ she is dangerous I heard she is crazy ” rosemary said.

“ well I’m the most craziest lady on earth so I’m
going to have lewis bailey for myself ” laura said and Rosemary sighs.

In a beautiful park, a lady of about Laura’s age can be seen reading a novel when one of her friend came to gist her about something.

“ hey Clara what are you doing here? ” Suzy Clara’s friend called her attention.

“ just reading this novel any gossip today? ” Clara asked knowing what her friend came for.

“ oh what’s wrong with my secretary by queen
nikky? That’s so cool can you borrow me when you complete it? ” Suzy said.

“ any gossip today? ” Clara said with a sigh
ignoring Suzy’s rants.

“ well I happen to see laura and lewis together
today in a restaurant. It seems like a date ” Suzy

“ what?! That girl doesn’t know I always get what i want ” Clara let out a wicked smile.

“ well let’s see where it will take them to ” her
smile turn to a smirk.

To be continued……

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