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Gabriel still held up his gun as he stared at the man in need of help. From his appearance, he really needs help and if help is not gotten, he is sure going to die. “Come in” Gabriel ordered calmly as he widened the gate to allow the man in, “thank you” the man appreciated as he walked into the compound. “Baby who is out there?” Adanna shouted as she continued to stare towards the gate though she couldn’t see a thing. “I think we got a visitor” Gabriel shouted back and approached the house with the man. “I am in, with him” The man murmured to himself again and Gabriel turned abruptly towards him, “Did you say something?” He asked, “Thank you once again” the man appreciated as he walked along with Gabriel.
“Tell the boss that Lion just communicated, he has gained access into Gabriel’s residence” A man in suit said to a lady holding some files. They happen to be in Davial, headquarter of the cannibals. It is surprising to know that the cannibals themselves also happen to be technologically advanced, they have spent the years in the jungle discovering technologies and preparing to take on Tankute. They divided themselves into villages and clans as their population grew through the years, though they were technologically advanced but not to the point of maximum advancement. They were only able to discover things like computers, phones, dressings and some micro communication devices. Their houses still remained the old fashioned way, wooden. Their villages still remained below Tankute and their populations lesser than Tankute.
“Okay, any more thing?” The lady asked him, “Hmmm, no, nothing more” The guy said as the lady walked away from the wooden room which served as an office. Though she was dressed in suit, she had no shoes on, that was how they wanted it, it gives them that sense that they are cannibals, Jungle beings. She walked towards another office, took a deep breath before opening the door. “Chila sir” She called as she entered the office, “Lion has gotten to where Gabriel is, he just messaged us” She told him in a rush. “Good, remember, he is not to harm Gabriel, Gabriel is one of us and we need him among us, he is strong and he can help us in taking down Tankute. Even if not for Tankute, he is one of us and it is against the law for a cannibal to be away from his pack” Chila said and she nodded, “How are the armies getting ready?” He asked with a frowned face, “Very well sir, very well” She said and he nodded. “IS that all sir?” She asked, he looked up at her and dismissed her with a wave of hand.

“Welcome” Gabriel said as he dipped his gun back to his waist side, “Thank you for your generosity” loin answered with a smile, “Get him something to eat” Gabriel turned to Adanna who was standing just by him, “Okay” She said and ran to the kitchen, she came back later with a plate of rice and another plate filled with meat and a bowl of stew. The young man stared at the food and at Gabriel then to Adanna, he seem to be confused or maybe nervous as bead of sweat soon formed on his forehead. “What is it?” Gabriel asked him but he gave no answer as he just stared at the food, “Is there a problem?” Adanna asked and still no reply. “I understand him, he doesn’t want to eat before us” Gabriel said turning to his wife, “We will leave you now to eat and come back later” Gabriel said and patted him, he nodded. “Thank you” He appreciated as Gabriel walked towards his bedroom with his wife. “Fools, I don’t eat your food” He said to himself as they left, “She is so fresh, I pray I don’t eat her up” He smiled as he took a piece of the meat, “I will think of how to dispose this” He said staring at the plate of rice, “How come he hasn’t eaten her up?” He asked himself, “He doesn’t know what he is” He gave himself an answer.

“Stay aside Karma, the girl as to face the consequences of what she has done?” An old man shouted to Karma as some group of warriors walked slowly towards where Karma and Christiana were standing so as to take Christiana, Karma still held tight to his sword. “You should warn them to stay aside, let us not make this get bloody” Karma shouted back. “So be it then, take her away, forcefully.” An old man shouted from the crowd and the five warriors increased their pace towards Christiana. Karma who was ready to strike flung his sword in the direction of the nearest one to him, the opponent was fast enough to weave the attack. Two warriors were already with Christiana, they stood thinking of how to attack her, one went first with boldness, he swung his sword towards her, she bent swiftly and did a backward row away from him. He advance again, this time with a more violet and fast swing of the sword, she saw it coming but she couldn’t weave, it was too fast. Just when she thought the blade of the sword was going to cut off her neck, another sword from nowhere stopped it in the air. The bearer happen to be Vince, he stopped the sword attack from getting to her and with his leg gave the attacking warrior a heavy kick. The other warrior immediately rushed to attack Vince from behind, Christiana saw him coming but Vince did not, with all the speed she could mutter she ran towards the attacker, getting mid-way to him, she did a dive and with her shoulders she pushed him to the ground. Now Karma has finish dealing with the other three warriors and so about twelve others were approaching them from a distant. “We need to run” Karma said to both Christiana and Vince, “Towards the Jungle” He added as he dragged Christiana along to the side opposite where the attackers were coming from, Vince followed.

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