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The beating of the drums stopped and the crowd seem to stare at Christiana in amazement. Vince was still lying on the ground, he was also staring at her. Just then, Karma who had been watching from the corner he had been standing walked into the battle ground. “She is not an indigene of Tankute” He shouted to the crowd and a long murmur followed it, it was more like a murmur of disagreement. “We didn’t brief her about the tradition of the warriors, she is not used to our way of life so what she has done is not intentional” Karma said and Christiana immediately turned to him in disbelief. “What have I done?” She asked more like a whisper but Karma seem not to pay attention to her. “She has to be spared as she did what she did due to the fact that she has no knowledge about it” Karma continued and the crowed murmured in disagreement once more. “Karma, what have I done?” Christiana asked this time in a raised tone, “See, she doesn’t even know she has done something” Karma said to the crowd again, he then turned to Christiana. “In Tankute, you don’t start a fight without hearing the beating of the Kong, it is our tradition” Karma whispered to her, “Then blames on you, you told me nothing of such” Christiana said with a hiss. “The people won’t understand it that way, they believe whosoever breaks the rule must face the consequences” Karma explained, “What are the consequences?” Christiana asked, “In Tankute, there is just one consequence for all, Death” Karma said while Christiana mouth came open voluntarily. “Karma!!” someone shouted from the crowd, it was an old woman. “This tradition has been before you were born, the reason Tankute still exist is because we uphold these traditions and do the needy when it is broken. There is no reason why this lady shouldn’t face the consequence for her actions, she should be killed” The old woman shouted. “The young lady doesn’t even know what she has done” Karma shouted back, “The gods won’t hear of this when they start inflicting us with punishments like plagues, the gods don’t care if the offender is aware or not, what they want is simple, you break my rule, you bring my sacrifice” Another old man shouted from the crowd. “It is none of you to decide, old man Kendo has the final say” Karma shouted as he hoped his old man won’t want Christiana dead. All attention turned to Kendo, he was sitting on a big arm chair in front of everyone, he was considered the village head. “Kendo, what do you have to say about this?” One old man asked from behind, but he got no reply. Just then one of the young warriors walked towards him, he turned immediately to the crowd in shock, “He is cold, the old man is dead” The warrior shouted in fear and the whole place was thrown into confusion. “Get the girl, the gods has started” An old woman shouted from the crowd and some warriors approached Christiana immediately. “I won’t let anything happen to you” Karma whispered to her as he drew out his sword.

“Are you sure about this Gwen?” Sir Ajan asked unable to believe, “It is there to see for yourself sir Ajan, she is alive somewhere, if she isn’t alive, I don’t think that device will, I don’t think that device has a longer life span than a human being” Gwen said with a short laugh, “Fool, that is a technological device, it can continue to live forever in as much as it is well maintained” Sir Ajan explained, “Exactly, in as much as it is well maintained, but remember, it jumped into the sea along with Christiana that night, that is not an attribute of a good maintenance” Gwen said but sir Ajan gave no reaction, he only stared at the screen. “If you are right and if I should believe you, then we have to disturb our friends one more time” Sir Ajan said with a smile, “Our friends? Which friends?” Gwen asked confused, “The league of six” He smiled, “Put a phone call to them, tell them Newriton just need them this last time” Sir Ajan said as he walked out of the room, “Yessss!!!” Gwen shouted happily, “At least, I get to be around Matt now” she added, “But where the hell is this place?” She asked herself as she stared at the screen again.
10pm that same night, Gabriel happen to be in the gym section of his house, he wasn’t alone, Adanna was with him. “I will wait this night, I won’t sleep off” Adanna said cleaning her face with a towel as she watched her husband exercise, “Same old story, I give you till 10:15” Gabriel said absentmindedly, “Lets watch and see” She said as she wiped her face with the towel again. “Or is 10:15 too much?” Gabriel asked her with a smile, just then there was a loud bang on the gate outside. “Expecting anyone?” Adanna asked in shock, “No” Gabriel answered as he stopped what he was doing. “It can’t be your friends, they would have called you rather than bang the gate” Adanna said and Gabriel nodded, “Let me go check” Gabriel said and got up from what he was sitting on, “No, you are not going out there this night” Adanna held him back, “It might be something important or urgent” Gabriel said and drew her with him to the sitting room. He made to open the door to go out but he suddenly stopped, “Get me my gun” He said to Adanna who went along willingly and came back some minutes later with a pistol. “Stay here and be calm” He told her as he opened the door, “No, I am coming with you” She said and walked out with him, “I said stay back, what if there is a killer there, just stay put dear, I love you” He pecked her as he walked to the gate. “Who is there?” He asked as he stood behind the gate, there was no answer. “Who is there?” He asked again, “A friend in need of shelter” Came a reply from a thin and weary voice, Gabriel placed the gun in front of him and opened the gate just to reveal a stinking man in tattered cloth, the young man stared at him for a while without saying anything, “Just like Wenakite” the man finally murmured to himself. “You say what?” Gabriel asked him, “Please help me, I need shelter, food and clothing” The man said.

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