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Christiana walked slowly to the battle ground where Vince was already waiting, the battle ground was crowded with people both old and young. They had all come to witness the fight between the strange girl who was picked from the river and Vince a warrior of Tankute. The war beats of big drums filled the air as she walked to the round battle ground formed by people surrounding them. As she got to the battle ground, her eyes caught Karma who was standing with some other group of warriors by a corner of the battle ground. She was surprised the people didn’t make jest of her as she walked down the battle ground that night, that was something good Tankute has, they believe in you.
“Maybe after tonight, we can actually become friends and have nice time together” Vince said immediately she came closer to him, he had a smile on his lips but the smile immediately faded when he met himself on the ground after a fast face kick from Christiana, just then, the drum beat stopped.

“Tonight training won’t be just like any other, it is to pick the best among you, those considered unfit will have to leave Newriton just like those who left before you. Soon, the world will need to be protected and they will turn to us, they won’t expect some weak fellow to come and do that” Charles Dike, the commander was saying as he stood in front of the warriors that night. They were all dressed in their training vest and were prepared for the night. “why is he always talking like some sort of training coach in some kind of American movie, this is Nigeria for God sake, the world won’t turn to us for protection when they have other good institutions abroad and around the world” Lahm, a friend to wincho told him, they are the most troublesome friends in Newriton. “Didn’t you hear what he said? He said the world won’t turn to some weak fellows for help, by weak fellows, he met Newriton, we are weak compared to other institutions.” Wincho said and they both busted into loud laughter that attracted the attention of those close to them. “Even Nigeria my country itself won’t turn to us to protect them” Lahm added and they went into another round of laughter. “Bro, tonight, if you leave, just remember I will forever miss you” Lahm said to Wincho, “I will miss you too bro, when you eventually leave with me” Wincho added and they busted into another round of laughter. Apart from being the most troublesome two Newriton has, Wincho and Lahm were also considered the most powerless and weakest fighters compared to the rest. They will often go about causing trouble but will be nowhere to be found in time of fight.

“Sir Ajan has given the names of those to fight tonight, this is going to continue for three nights since you all can’t fight today. Remember, those that lose in the first round will have to leave the institution, here isn’t meant for you” Charles Dike continued. “We have five fight for this night, first up is Femi against Dan, Norris against Romanus, Charles against Godwin, Kālu against V.C.R and lastly, we have Fin against Wincho” Charles Dike concluded, “They should have told me they don’t want me in this institution, why put me in a fight with the almighty Fin?” Wincho asked Lahm, “Sorry bro, go get beaten” Lahm busted into laughter.
“So Gwen, what couldn’t allow you wait that you had to barge into my office?” Sir Ajan asked as he walked into the I.C.T centre of the institution, “Sir Ajan, I swear, you are going to like this” Gwen said as she sat by a big screen, “Just pray I do, else” Sir Ajan threatened as he sat by her. “So, I was playing about when I stumbled over something, remember that night before we took on Sir Jude, we had first called Christiana so as to track her with her phone” Gwen said and Sir Ajan nodded, “All through our journey to them, we were able to keep track with them with the help of Christiana’s phone, that means the phone was with her during the fight” Gwen smiled while Sir Ajan frowned, “Was that what you found out?” He asked as he got up from the chair, “No, remember we didn’t disconnect from our device after that night, I actually forgot to disconnect it. This evening, while playing about, I just mistakenly came across that system again and I discovered it is still receiving signals from Christiana’s mobile, the one Newriton gave to her” Gwen said as she put on a screen. “That is not possible, Christiana jumped into the ocean in our very eyes, that mobile should be deep down the ocean somewhere” sir Ajan said, “Sir Ajan, though that phone is water resistance, it can’t remain good in water for over 6 months now. The only reason that phone still sends us signal is because it is somewhere safe. If you look closely at the screen, you would observe that that device isn’t sending signal from water or a sea, this point on the screen signifies a large water body” Gwen said pointing at some part of the big screen, “And according to the screen, the signal is being gotten from here which signifies a dry land after the large mass of water” Gwen added, “This brings me to the conclusion that the mobile is somewhere far away from us, a safe place, a land faraway” Gwen smiled, “If this is correct, it means that…..”Sir Ajan was saying but Gwen interrupted him, “Christiana must be alive somewhere” She completed the statement.

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