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The night was cold and silent except for the rustling of trees and singing of birds. Drum beat could be heard from a distant, the beat the village of Tankute do use to signify it’s time for war. However, tonight beat wasn’t to signify war, rather it was to signify the friendly fight between Christiana and one of the Tankute’s warrior, Vince. Vince happen one of the most skilled fighters of the Manhunters, he is a man of war and a fearless warrior. To all the wars he has led the people of Tankute to, he had come back victorious. “Vince, take it slow on the girl” one of the warriors said to him that night as they gathered in a room preparing him for the fight. “Of course, I will take it slow on her” Vince smiled, “That doesn’t mean you should allow her beat you” another warrior put in and the rest busted into laughter including Vince. “Apart from being one of the strongest warrior we have got, remember you are also a womanizer and that girl you are fighting with is an angel to behold” Another warrior said and the warriors busted into another round of laughter, this time, Vince only smiled. “I will try to win the girl and not to hurt the girl” Vince smiled as he dropped his sword, “According to Karma, it is just a friendly fight and no one is dying” Vince continued, “Yes, no one is allowed to die, I can’t wait to have that girl as a friend” Ken, another fine warrior said. “By the way, where is the commander, Karma?” Vince asked.

In another hut very close to the battle ground, Karma stood face to face with Christiana as he helped her with their traditional war cloth. “Do I need to wear this?” Christiana asked as he made to tie the back rope of the garment for her, “Yes, this is Tankute, you should obey the tradition, in any fight, be it war or not, you must put on the fighting garment” Karma explained and she only sighed. “Christiana, are you sure you really want to do this?” Karma asked her for the umpteenth time. “Karma, don’t tell me you are scared for me, or are you just being caring like Gabriel?” she asked him and he smiled, “You like talking about my brother” Karma smiled, “Wait, Karma, that day I regained consciousness, that day I saw you first and I thought you were you brother, how did old man Kendo know that you were not Gabriel, how did he immediately know that you are a twin?” Christiana asked, “The prophecy” Karma said as he went on to fasten her shoes, “Which prophecy?” Christiana asked, “Over twenty years ago, according to what old man Kendo told me, he said there had been a strong female warrior, she was a Manhunter, her name was Shallom Ewite. She defended Tankute with all her strength even if she was a Cannibal.” Karma said and took a deep breath, “She defended us like no other warrior, she was the most loyal of the Manhunters. According to what old man Kendo told me, she came to his hut one late night and told him that the destiny of Tankute lies in the hands of me and my twin brother who she had sent to Atata. She also asked old man kendo to protect and train me to become a manhunter so that I can be strong to defend Tankute. Shallom had told him that one day, destiny will bring me and my twin together and we will protect Tankute again” Karma said, “Then why do you call it a prophecy?” Christiana asked, “Because according to history, some cannibals have the ability to see things even before they happen, those ones are taken as prophets and Shallom was one of those” Karma explained. “After that night, old man Kendo said he never saw Shallom again and he assumed her to be dead, she might have burnt herself up” Karma said. “If the prophecy said that one day you will meet Gabriel again and that you both will protect Tankute, then why don’t you guys just allow me go back and get my friends for you?” Christiana asked while Karma smiled, “According to old man Kendo, it is Destiny, and it will come by himself. And moreover, according to your story, you betrayed them and they might just lock you up somewhere if they see you again” Karma said while she remained quiet, “It’s almost time, I think you should go to the battle ground now. Be careful, Vince is skillful” Karma said and immediately walked out leaving Christiana to her thought.

Faraway from the battle ground, in Karma’s hut, this is the same hut Christiana stays in, she stays with Karma. Inside the hut, a big bag could be seen, a bag made with wood. This bag contained some clothes and one of this clothes was that of Christiana, the one she wore on the day of the last fight between Newriton and Sir Jude. In the cloth is a mobile device, she must have taken it with her during the fight. This information might not be useful to Tankute, but back in Lagos state, in Newriton. “Sir Ajan, I need you to see something” Gwen said as she barged into Sir Ajan’s office. “Gwen what did we say about you k…..” Sir Ajan was saying but Gwen was gone.

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