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The village of Tankute was once known to be inhibited by both man and cannibals, they always lived in peace and harmony, they cooperated with each other and there was no conflict between them. The cannibals were allowed to eat raw meats from the bush while the humans ate the normal food of the humans. The cannibals were known never to age nor die, they could only be killed with fire but during the time, no one dared kill them. They continued to live in this peace and harmony until about a hundred years later when the cannibals started to crave for power. According to them, since the beginning of time, the cannibals has never been allowed to rule, only the humans ruled Tankute. They said that since they lived with the humans and that Tankute belonged to them both, they should also be allowed to rule the land. The humans didn’t agree to this, according to them, Tankute belonged to their forefathers and that their forefathers only allowed the cannibals to stay amongst them due to pity and love. Although this myth was true, the humans never had anything to prove it, rather the cannibals opposed it by saying that it was them who had Tankute and they only pitied the humans whom had come from an unknown place to settle with them. They said they knew of this since they had lived from time in memorial and had seen this happening. The humans who only lived for some certain period of time and had not witnessed things from the start of time had nothing to back them up but still, they wouldn’t just leave Tankute for the cannibals. Due to this disagreement, fight broke out between man and Cannibals, for the first time, man used fire against the cannibals and thus making them flee from Tankute into the jungles. They lived in the jungles and planned their attacks from there. During the course of the fight between humans and cannibals, some of the humans had been bitten by the cannibals and thus also turning them to cannibals, this was due to the fact that the saliva of the cannibals were poisonous, once it get into you, you automatically become like them. Some of the humans who had been bitten by the cannibals went with the cannibals while some still remained disguising as humans. Of these few among the humans was Shallom Ewite, a member of the Manhunters, the guardian of Tankute. Though Shallom was a cannibal, she still defended humans with all her strength and might and never for once did she rebel against them. As the humans improved their armies and called them the Manhunters, so also did the cannibals also raise armies and called them Man-eaters. As generations went by, a new leader of the Manhunters emerged, the fierce Wenakite. Wenakite took to defending his people with all his strength. Not only that, he also ensured to send away cannibals among the Manhunters who were not entirely faithful to the Manhunters. His most loyal warrior was the ever young Shallom who had lived through time from the time of his fathers and watched him grow. She was very loyal to him and he never knew she was a cannibals as she gave him no reason to believe so.

Now all the cannibals came up to take down Wenakite, they waited patiently till a time he will be vulnerable to attack and that time was when his wife was at the point of delivery. They had attacked him at home where he was with his wife who was in labour, he had tried to fight them off and rescue his wife but they were stronger. With a little chance, he managed to escape with his wife to the stream where she delivered her set of twins and died, the cannibals also followed him to the stream and made sure they killed him before leaving that day, leaving the twins to also die. The twins didn’t die as Shallom soon came to their rescue, she saw what had happened and took the twins. To the first twins she bit him and thus turning him to a cannibal and then putting him in a basket and into the stream that led to the village of Atata. To the second, she dropped by the stream side to be picked by the village barren widow, Chika. She ensure the twins was in safe hands that day before leaving the stream side, unfortunately, she wasn’t the only one watching that second twin that day, on one of the trees was Chila, the commander of the Man-eaters, he had stayed behind to see what happens to the twins so as to report back to the cannibals.

That twins set to Atata that day grew up to be Gabriel Omiyi, the fearless spy of Newriton while the second in Atata grew up to become Karma, the leader of the new generation Manhunters who is now set to take down the Cannibals.

The Shallom Ewite of that time was later caught by the cannibals and placed under guard after she refused to be part of them, she had been in that room for over twenty years with the hope of saving humanity one day.

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