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“Karma if you believe me then we can stop this creatures, the guardians of Tankute can’t stop the cannibals. My friends are the ones for this, we need to call for them” Christiana said as she walked with Karma, “I am tired of telling you this Christy, our warriors are capable, the guardians have always protected Tankute since the start of time and we will continue to do so.” Karma said turning to her. “Your warriors are not capable, can’t you see it Karma, I couldn’t even take down that one in the bush, they are so strong and unpredictable” She said holding his hand and stopping him from moving on. “That is because you are a lady Christiana, you don’t expect to beat that thing, you are a lady for Christ sake” Karma said , “Is that what you think?” she asked him, “That is not what I think, that is what I know” Karma said with a smile. “I bet, none of your warriors can take me down in a fight, a fair fight” Christiana smiled back and he bursted into laughter. “You can’t even take down our own village drunkard” Karma said in-between laughter, Christiana also smiled, a smile filled with anger. “Then prove me wrong, fight me” Christiana said to him still with the smile, “No, I can’t do that, it is molesting” Karma said staring at her, “I am asking you to, are you scared of getting beaten up by me?” Christiana asked while Karma smiled. “You really want a fight?” Karma asked and she nodded. “Then you get it, but not with me.” He said. “With who then?” she asked him back, “I will set a fight for you with one of our fine warriors. Get prepared tonight, the fight is tonight. Maybe if you win, we can start considering inviting your friends” He said and walked away while Christiana smiled. “Tonight, will be sweet” she smiled to herself and walked after him.

“Very soon, you will all start to go on tough missions, missions to save the world, protect mankind and save humanity. The purpose of you being here is not to learn how to fight but for you to be able to defend humanity. All you learn here during your stay is not for your use, use it to protect human race, the world lies in your hand, you guys all here are the new generations protector of the world” Charles Dike, the new appointed training coach of Newriton said across to a large number of students who were gathered at the main field that morning, they were still the next sets after those of Gabriel and the rest. Among this students was Tonia along with some other girls, she still happens to be a student under training but has an edge over the others due to the fact that she was among those that went on the last mission, the bringing down of Sir Jude. “This night training shall be a serious one, the supervisor as usual is Sir Ajan and as you all know, he won’t take any nonsense from any of you, he won’t want any weakness and so come prepared” Charles Dike continued. “Also remember that some of you might leave the institution today if you are unable to keep up. Remember, it is a test of faith” Charles Dike said and went away. “Hey Tonia” Someone called from behind, Tonia who was busy with some of her friends immediately turned to behold who was calling her. “Hey Fin” She greeted uneasily, Fin had always tried to get into a fight with her for a reason she can’t place her hands on. “Will you be free tonight for the training?” he asked her, “Of course, everyone will be there” Tonia laughed. “Whoa, that will be great, I really want you beaten up by me” He whispered to her ears, “You know I can’t accept that challenge” She smiled, “Only if you are a coward” he smiled and walked away.

“Christiana, Karma told me that you want a fight with one of the warriors of Tankute” Old man Kendo said to her that evening of the same day. “Yes, he wants me to prove that my friends are more capable of taking care of the cannibals than the Tankute warriors” Christiana said. “My brave child, you don’t need to prove yourself and your friends, from the little time I have been with you, I have seen you to be a very brave girl.” The old man said while Christiana smiled, “The fact that Karma don’t want you friends being involved in this is because he doesn’t want them hurt and he also doesn’t want you hurt” old man Kendo continued. “The warriors of Tankute should be the one to be scared here, I saw that creature today, I wasn’t able to take it down, it has unimaginable strength” Christiana said, “And that is the more reason why you shouldn’t want to involve your friends in this, you weren’t able to take it down, it speed seem unimaginable to you but not to the warriors of Tankute, my daughter, leave the fight for us” The old man smiled as he stared at Christiana. “No, I want to prove that the warriors of Tankute are not equal to the task, I want to fight one of them so that you will all believe that my friends are needed” she said. “Seems your mind is made up child, I will assemble the elders, you fight tonight, be careful my daughter” The old man smiled and got up, “Be careful” he said and walked away.
“Shallom Ewite, how long will it take you to believe that Tankute belongs to us, there is no humanity” the fine young man said to Shallom still in the prison room, she didn’t reply him this time. The young man smiled and got up, he was going to go out. “Less I forget, about 24 years ago, by the stream of Tankute, the same day we killed wenakite and his wife, that same day you saw the twins, Wenakite’s children, I was there on the tree watching you, I saw you bit one on his neck and left him on the river to flow to Atata, I saw how you left the other in Tankute as just a normal human, the one which is now called Karma. Ever since that day, we have watched over the child, the one you left to flow to Atata, the one you bit on his neck, he is now a full grown well trained young man, a strong fighter and a protector of mankind. He fight to save humanity but the truth remains that he was bitten by you and you are a Cannibal which also makes him one of us. We are preparing to go get him back, he is our kind and he should have nothing to do with humanity, his name as I found out is GABRIEL.”

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