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That was it, the guy held my leg so tight that I wasn’t able to free myself, I tried struggling but all to no avail. The guy soon released me and I stood up to run but there it was, a stopping block, the guys had all gotten up and one of them was just standing in front of me. “Am sorry” I murmured an apology I didn’t know how it got out of my mouth, the boldness and courage I had developed earlier has now left me and the person standing there was just me. I now had tears in my eyes and I knew I shouldn’t let it pour else they will see me as a weakling. I turned around to have a clear view and it was then I knew I was well surrounded by the four guys. “Commando, the savior himself, na you wan dey form boss bah?” One of them asked as he drew closer to me, I shook my head negative. “You get mind come spoil show for us bah?” The same guy asked and immediately landed me a slap. I don’t know if it was the slap or something else but after the slap, I found myself on the ground. “Since you like hitting with planks, we will show you how to do it. Guys, go get planks” One of them that was behind me ordered in good English and the remaining three guys immediately went to search for planks as the guy who spoke last took the one I had used which was lying on the ground. I knew this was the last chance, it was only I and the guy, the rest had gone to look for planks. I knew I had to look for a means of running now else I should be in for the beating of my life. “Now, get up and kneel down” The guy ordered me, “Okay sir” I said as I made to get up from the ground which I was lying on, he was so distracted thinking I was going to carry out his order. With speed like that of light, I immediately pushed him off the way and took to my heels as he fell, “Guys, after him!!!” he shouted and the three guys who were looking for planks immediately charged after me. I had never been a good runner right from time, I love doing all sort of sports but always hated running. This particular night, I didn’t know what came over me as the speed with which I was running was unimaginable, maybe it was because I was running for my life but what so ever it was, I never knew I was such a good runner. As I ran, I could hear the panting of the other guys behind me, they were catching up. I wonder what they would gain from beating me if they eventually get me, it was so useless why they ran as if their lives depended on it, they weren’t going to gain or lose from beating me up.
I could now see the Uniben back gate, I knew if I should enter into the school, they would stop chasing me as they won’t want to get into trouble with the security men. I was now getting tired, I had never ran such a long distance, never before. Just some distance to the main gate, I slowed down, I was now tired and I knew the guys were catching up. I knew what would happen if they got me and how useless all my efforts so far would be. With all the strength I had left, I pushed myself to the back gate and entered into it. By now one of the guys who had almost caught up with me stretched his hand to hold me as I entered the back gate, I immediately slammed his hand with the gate and he let out a slight scream so as not to alert the securities. I walked some miles away from the gate before entering into a hall where serious students who were reading till day break where, this was where I rested. For the first time since I left my hostel, I brought out my phone just to meet 16 missed calls from my friend Tope. I quickly texted him an apology message before switching off my phone, I then went out of the hall to my hostel.

This parts aren’t the real purposes of my story, just wanted to bore you guys of some things I thought I should bore you guys with and I think you guys deserve to know that my first meeting with Deborah was in the rain. It all started a year later when I was finally admitted into the University as a recognized student. Coincidentally or accidentally, Deborah was thrown into the same department as I and just like the days of our pre degree we didn’t talk until about two months later after our resumption.
500lt is a lecture theater which was built to occupy a maximum of 500 students but due to the conditions of Nigeria school and students, the theatre could now occupy a maximum of 200 students. That particular afternoon, we were meant to have physics in the 500lt, we had practical just before that period and I was so tired, I just needed to get done with the physics class and run home to have a good rest. The seats of the 500lt were actually built in ascending order just like a staircase so that you can actually rest your head on the seat above you.
It didn’t seem like the lecturer was coming that day but I couldn’t leave the class, the lecturer might just show up 5 minutes before the end of his period. Due to my excessive tiredness, I had to rest my head on the seat above me or should I put it as the desk to the seat above my head. It was a good way to relax as I felt comfortable resting my head on the desk, I soon started to close my eyes as the cool breeze from the fan dried my skin, it was good. You know that point when the sleep is just coming, that sweet point where it seems like you are just about to grab the sleep, that point, that was the point a hand touched my head from above me. I looked up to who had touched me and it was her, Deborah, she was seating just above me. Her touching me wasn’t the problem, the problem was that the desk I had thought I was resting my head on wasn’t there, I had actually been resting on her leg all this while. “Hmm, do you know whose leg you have been resting on” she asked with her usual straight face, “Anyways, the lecturer is in class” she said and fixed her gaze to the front.

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