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“Don’t move, stand still” Christiana whispered to him, “You won’t want to talk, Cannibals have good hearing abilities, they can hear you from far” Karma whispered back and Christiana nodded. She peeped again and the Cannibal was now close, he had his eyes on the tree they were standing behind. She took out her knife and took a deep breath. “It is closing up” Karma said as he held tight to his local gun. “What are you trying to do?” Christiana asked him, “Watch me” He said and immediately rolled out from behind the tree, without wasting time he opened fire on the cannibal. “Karma, remember, they don’t die that way” Christiana shouted at him as she peeped again, the cannibal was now running with full speed towards Karma and he wasn’t feeling the impact of the bullets. Karma saw the cannibal advancing, his bullets were finished, he couldn’t think fast of what to do, he remained in his position waiting for death to come and take it cause. He watched as the cannibal advanced towards him and was ready to bounce on him, the cannibal was now very close and he could see death coming, he lost all hope. Just at the last second when he thought all hope was gone, Christiana jumped out from behind the tree and pushed the Cannibal away. The creature rolled away so also did Christiana. “Run” Christiana shouted to him and without wasting time, he got up and darted into the bushes. Christiana didn’t also wait as she followed him into the bush. The human like creature got up from the ground and also went after them into the bush. “Where are you heading to Karma?” Christiana asked as they ran in the bush, “We will burst out of the stream path, this place lead to the stream, just follow me” karma shouted from the front, he never stopped running. The cannibal was now fast catching up with her, she was amazed the kind of speed it has, she had been trained in all aspects at Newriton including her speed, she used to be part of the best runners then, she was the next after Gabriel who was the best. Now all that seem useless, her speed wasn’t helping her now as the cannibal was fast catching up with her. “Maybe, I should run a little faster” she said to herself and just then a hand caught her by the neck from behind, the Cannibal caught up with her. “Karma!!!!” She shouted, Karma who was some distance from her stopped and turned to look at her, he saw the cannibal dragging her by the neck, he knew any moment soon, it was going to eat her up. He couldn’t move as he knew there was nothing he could do, he happen to be the bravest village warrior but in this case, he knew there was nothing he could do.

Christiana wouldn’t allow the cannibal just go with her like that, for Christ sake she is a well-trained warrior from Newriton and she can’t just die without a fight. She reached for her pocket and brought out the small knife Karma had given her earlier, with that, she stabbed the Cannibal on the lap and it immediately let go of her. She regained balance immediately and stood face to face with the cannibal, it was a fine tall man. On a normal day, she would have fallen for him. “Who are you?” she asked with the hope that it will understand her, the cannibal didn’t reply as it just circled around her ready to strike. She watched it closely and calculated its movement, she knew any moment from now, it will bounce on her. “You don’t want to get hurt” Christiana said pointing the small knife at it, the cannibal stared at her and it was like it seem to smile. With a swift, it darted towards her but she was fast enough to weave him, she was just regaining balance when it bounced on her, she was amazed at it speed, she just weaved his attack and almost immediately, it attacked her again, there was no way she was going to take this thing down. “For hundreds of years, we have lived with the hope of this day, the day when we shall finally take back Tankute and all its inhabitants, that day when Tankute shall finally belong to us the Man-eaters, that day when I will taste human flesh again” The cannibal said as it held her down, it was now bringing its mouth close to her neck, it was going to eat her up. She closed her eyes and prayed her last, she had never been a good person, only if God will just help her correct all her mistakes and apologize to all she had offended. She deserve to die yes but not this way, not by being eaten up by a smelling, blood liking creature. Now she blamed karma, he could have just allowed her to die in the river, why did he save her life when she was still going to die this way. She opened her eyes to behold her death, the cannibal’s mouth was now on her neck and it was about eating her up when there was suddenly a flash of fire across its face, he left her immediately to behold who was with the fire, it was karma, he was with a stick of fire, he waved it at the cannibal again and the creature immediately ran into the bush. “Thank you, where did you learn that from?” she asked him, “A story my old man told me” he smiled, “Run” he said and they took to their heels, towards the stream.


“My wife has never stayed this long in the stream” Jack complained to one of his friends as they took fresh wine that money. It is normal for the men of Tankute to always take wine every morning even before they start the day’s job, as they would say, a good wine makes a good day. “That’s women for you, when I first got married, my wife don’t come back from the stream until I go look for her. Don’t be surprised your wife is there in the stream side playing the game of Suwe with the young maidens of Tankute, you know she is still a young maiden, just that she got married to soon” Dogun his friend told him as he drank from the local calabash cup. “You have a way of making me feel at peace, now I am confident that my wife is at the stream side playing the game of Suwe” Jack laughed so also did his friend.

They ran without turning to look back, Karma was leading while Christiana followed, they were heading to the stream path. Suddenly, Karma stumbled and fell, he had hit something. Christiana stopped and stared a t what had fallen Karma, it wasn’t something, it was a dead body without a head. She traced her eyes down the path and it was then she realized that there wasn’t just only a dead body there, about 5 bodies were lying down there headless. “What is this?” Christiana asked no one in particular, “The cannibals, they are back, we need to alert the villagers” Karma said panting heavily. “These head” Christiana said raising up a fresh head, “LADE’S” Karma said calmly. “We need to get to the village, they must have surely entered the village” Karma held her hand, “And if we tell the villagers, what will they do?” Christiana asked him, “They assemble the warriors and we attack the cannibals” Karma said while Christiana smiled, “And you think your warriors can hold down the cannibals?” Christiana asked, “We have fine warriors and I think we can hold them down” Karma said walking away while Christiana followed him, “They will just kill them all, Tankute need my friends” Christiana said, “Who are your friends compared to the fine warriors of Tankute” Karma asked while Christiana bursted into laughter. “Fine warriors indeed” She laughed.

“Okay so now, no more Newriton, no more fighting, I can now have a complete life with my husband” Adanna said resting on Gabriel’s chest, he only nodded and paid his attention to the television. “Anytime you just nod, I know you aren’t in support of what I have said” Adanna smiled. “The truth Adanna is that if Newriton still calls me to work for them, I can’t say no” Gabriel said, “What if Newriton doesn’t call, then you don’t have to go back” She said staring at his face this time, “Yes, if they don’t call, then there is no need to go back” Gabriel smiled, “Then I pray they don’t call” She said, “I pray they do” He murmured, “They won’t” she smiled.
“The prophecy are true, the cannibals are really back and it is the duty of Tankute to stop them” Old man Kendo said as he chewed his kola, he was speaking to Christiana and Karma, they had come back to narrate the whole thing to him. “I had saw a sign this morning that bad is about to come to our land, there will be bloodshed” The old man said again. “Papa, we need to act fast, they have started killing, we saw Lade’s dead body by the stream” Karma said while the old man raised his head slowly. “It is so unfortunate for the young couple but more are going to die. Inform the villagers, assemble your warriors, they should all be at alert, it is time for war, this is what we had been preparing them for” The Old man said and got up slowly. “Waste no time Karma” he added and walked away. Karma got up from the mat he had been sitting on, “I need to get started” He said to Christiana as he made to walk out, “Karma, your warriors, the guardians of Tankute can’t stop those creatures, you need the help of my friends” Christiana told him while he smiled, “We have stopped a lot of things and we will also stop this without your friends” he said and walked out.

Deep in a thick jungle, a long rod could be seen standing tall from the ground, on it was a skull, probably that of a man. Beyond it is a small gate made from wood and inside that gate, human like creatures could be seen going about their activities. They were all Cannibals, those that were chased out of Tankute about 100 years ago. Buildings could be seen, buildings made with strong woods, they were about 10 of such buildings, one of it serve as a prison to punish offenders and in one of the room in that building was Shallom Ewite, the only Cannibal who had refused to cooperate with the Cannibals, she enjoyed being with the humans. She had been in that room for over 20 years now, her hands were chained to the wall so she couldn’t move. She looks tattered and tired from trying to struggle and get freed. Apart from the chain, she is being protected by two strong doors in case she breaks off the chains. The doors soon opened and a fine looking man emerged, he had a smile on, a beautiful smile. “Shallom, how long will it take you to form an alliance with us and get freed?” He asked her but got no answer. “Anyways, we have started our revenge today, the village of Tankute is now being hunted by us and it will soon be ours” He added with a laugh while Shallom looked up at him slowly, “It will never be yours, the village of Tankute belongs to Mankind” she said.

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