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“Oh, how rude and proud you are, my bad, sorry for disturbing you” she said and slowly walked away. I stared at her as she walked on, her beautiful walking steps, well calculated. She didn’t bother to turn, she just continued walking. Now the time was 7:50 and I got just 10 minutes more before the examination. I wanted to call her back but my pride wouldn’t just allow me, so you know what I did? I ran in the rain, I passed her as I ran along and I thought I heard her laugh but I didn’t care as I continued running till I got to the lecture hall. That was our very first encounter, after that day, we never talked again and it seem we now try to resist each other more than before.
As time went by, our final exams drew nearer, our pre degree final exams. It is this period you get to know just how serious students can be, just try walking into the library like a week to examination and the view you will meet will keep you wondering if you are one of the most unserious students in life, one of those that will never ever make it in life.
Just one week to the examination, I walked into the library for the first time, not that I was an unserious student but I would always prefer reading at home. As I entered the library, I had the intention of turning back because I thought there was a show or life concert going on there. The space weren’t enough to harbor the students, some students could be seen standing and getting busy with their books. Their faces alone will impact some good morals into you and you wouldn’t mind greeting these students as you walk down the library. I knew now that I couldn’t read in this kind of condition so I turned back towards the direction of my house, I haven’t walked pass the library environment when my phone rang. “Gabi my man” it was my friend on the phone, “Tope ore mi” I said in Yoruba language, I love conversing in Yoruba with the Yoruba’s although I am not a Yoruba guy. “Gabi, are you not coming?” He asked me, “Coming to where?” I asked him back confused. “My girlfriend’s birthday now, have you forgotten so soon, I told you about it last week” He said, it was then I remembered that he had actually informed me about his girl’s birthday and I had promised him that I will be there. “Look at you, I was thinking there was something else I was coming for, I am of course coming for her birthday, the fact that you asked me if I was not coming made me began to think if there was another event you invited me for. So you think I will dare forget you girl’s birthday?” I put everything on him, sorry I didn’t tell you guys, I was way good with lies, I had successfully defended myself with lies on every occasion I lied but except on those I had lied to my dad, I got the trait from him. My lying always got me in trouble anytime I lied to him because the question he would always ask me was a lie so he just need a lie from me to crucify me. “Sorry bro, I know you won’t forget” he said. “I will come very soon, this is just 5pm, I will come by six since it is a night party” I told him and immediately put an end to the call. I rushed home with enough speed and decided to sleep a bit, you don’t actually expect me to go by six, I am a Nigerian, and I sure know about the trend called the African time. I decided to sleep for just some minutes but when I woke up again, it was already 7:30pm. In a rush, I dressed up and prepared for the party, it was then I remembered that the party would be holding in Tope’s hostel. The party holding in Tope’s hostel wasn’t the problem, the problem was where the hostel is located, Ekosodin, the den of the lions.
I have heard lots of stories about the place called Ekosodin, the dwelling place of the men themselves. It is dangerous in all part of the day, morning, afternoon, and deadly at night. I thought of not going to the party again but thinking of how I had promised Tope and he also needed me to coordinate something for him. I braced up and decided to go come what may. I am a man and I shouldn’t be scared of my fellow men. I wore a jeans trouser and a red top, I then put on a red Jacket so as to make me look like a strong man just like them. Around 8:10pm, I arrived Ekosodin and the quietness of the place removed the man in me and replaced it with a woman as I began to cat walk and shiver. Just walk two steps and you will sure see a gathering of boys smoking and drinking, they were the only ones outside at that early hour of the night, it was scary. I was surprised they didn’t stop me, I was the only one walking outside at that moment and they didn’t stop me. “please, I have come to see my son, his roommate called me yesterday that my son was dying, I have given you guys all I have, let me go and take my son to the hospital” I heard a man begging some group of boys who were harassing him, the elderly man was on his knees and from the way he sounded, he was crying, he must have come with a car as a car was parked just in front of them, a big man’s car. “POW!!!” one of the boys landed a slap on his face, “Na only you get son?” the guy asked and landed the elderly man another slap. I didn’t know what got into me at that instant, it was this kind of boldness we guys get when we are with our girlfriends and some group of boys try to harass us. We know very sure that we will get beaten but we just have to be brave for BAE. That was what got into me, but mine was different as there was no girl I was being brave for, I only took pity on the old man. I secretly picked a plank and tip toed to behind the man’s car. I used the car as a cover to hide myself, I tried thinking of a way to make the man escape. I knew there was no other way than to distract them so with boldness and courage, I came out of hiding and went towards them with the plank. “Wetin you dey do here?” One of the guys shouted to me as he saw me approaching, I didn’t answer as I increased my pace, got to the nearest guy and hit his head with the plank. Without wasting time, I hit the second, third and fourth, they were just four of them. “Run away sir’ I told the elderly man who was still on his knees, “Thank you my son” The elderly man hugged me briefly and took the bag containing his belongings which was on the floor, with that, he entered into his car and zoomed off. I made to run also as I dropped the plank, but as I took the first step, a hand held my leg back and at that point, I knew it was finished.

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