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Act Of Faith 2
” Israel” I called out as I heard his voice from Darlington, ” Who is Israel?” He asked me, his voice was now back to normal. ” I thought I heard Israel’s voice, how did you do that, you never rode a car before” I told him, ” I don’t know how, I just did it” He said looking at his hands. ” Okay, enough of the familiarities, that truck contained about 50 of sir Jude boys ” Gwen’s voice came again via the earpiece. ” Wow, its show time” I said as I released the steering and popped my head through the window shooting randomly at any of their cars in sight. Darlington joined in the shooting some minutes later.
As the two small cars in front of Sir Jude’s noticed his car had stopped, they also stopped and reversed to where his car was, I was still coming towards them on high speed. I cocked my shoulder gun and continued to shoot at their cars randomly as I got closer to them . I got a bit close to them and stopped my bike, but I didn’t stop my shooting. Alvana also arrived and joined in the shooting. After about 10 minutes of shooting at sir Jude’s car it looked like the car was going to catch fire as it started to bring out flames. ” Alvana, move backwards” I told him as I moved my bike backwards. ” Keep your eyes on the car” Sir Ajan said to us, I nodded as I held my gun in position ready to shoot any being that gets off the car.
The smoke was now becoming thick, I couldn’t see clearly what was happening again, the smoke reduced my visibility. Like shadows, I saw the door to Sir Jude’s car open and he was being led out by two guys, I didn’t relax as I immediately started to fire at them so also did Alvana. ” S–t, they are escaping” I cursed as I hopped off my bike and ran towards their direction, into the thick smoke. ” Gabriel, careful” I heard Alvana’s voice via the earpiece, he was obviously keeping guard.

I knew the fight had started when I began to hear gunshots from different directions, I took my pistol and stared at Matt who was on the steering. ” What do you think we should do?” I asked him, ” Wait till….” He was saying when all of a sudden one of their cars zoomed pass us. ” I think we should chase that car” he said and turned his car back to the direction we were coming from, ” I think so too” I said as he hit the accelerator and zoomed after the car. Matt is always good on the wheels, as a matter of fact, he is the best driver Newriton has. Soon we seem to be closing up on the car, I think the inhabitants of the car saw this and started shooting at us, Matt tried dodging them as he moved in a zig zag manner. ” I got this” I said to him as I opened down the door to my side of the car, popped my head outside and started shooting back, they also didn’t cease as they continued to shoot at us. ” What next Matt?” I shouted to him, ” Nothing, just continue shooting ” he shouted back, ” I think you should join me in this” I told him, ” Coming” he said as I continued with my shooting. He soon released the steering and opened the door to his own side of the door, the car was still moving. He brought out his fighting pistol and also started shooting at the car that was now about to hit a building, ” They are going to bub into the building” I told him, ” I think that is a fastest way for them to die” he laughed as he continued to shoot at them. As the car got some metres close to the building, the two inhabitants of it swiftly jumped out of it and allowed the car crash into the building, I saw them run into the building. ” Let’s go” Matt told me as he also stopped our car and we also ran towards the building, I looked up the building as we got closer to it, it was a church. ” Forgive us for destroying your house o lord” I prayed as I ran into the building alongside Matt.
Gabriel has gone into the smoke leaving I alone , I could see some fallen boys belonging to Sir Jude, they had been shot down. I sat on my bike thinking of what next to do when I suddenly saw a car approaching me on high speed, it was coming to hit me. ” Fools ” I smiled as I cocked my gun and shot on one of the tyres, the car lost control and tumbled towards my direction, I swiftly dived out of position as the car crashed to the ground. ” That’s what you get when you mess with Newriton ” I smiled as I walked slowly towards the car, I didn’t get there before a man in all black managed to open the back door and staggered out. “Hey, you, who are you?” I asked him, ” Have you heard of Charles, the Manhunter? ” he asked back, ” Whoa, it my pleasure meeting you sir” I laughed, he was on a mask. ” I advise you back off now Alvana” he told me, ” I don’t know why I think your voice sounds a bit familiar” I said smiling, ” That’s because we have met before” he said and pulled off his mask. I moved a bit closer to him to enable me see his face clearly, I recognized him at once, he was the philosopher guy we met on the plane during our fake mission to port Harcourt, the one who tried defending the Manhunter. ” Guess what bro, Alvana is not surprised” I said as I ran towards him, he also came towards me. He brought the first punch which I weaved by simply moving back a little, he tried giving a back leg kick but I caught his leg in the air. I took advantage of that and gave him two strong kicks on his chest, he staggered backwards . I didn’t allow him gain himself before I rushed towards him and gave him a spear, we both fell on the crashed car, he landed more heavily. At this point, he was now weak to get up, I carried him up high and hit him on the car again. I took him up once more and dished several punches to his face, he was now bleeding badly. ” You can only kill innocent people, you can’t fight a fighter like you” I said holding his neck with my hand, ” This is for the souls you have taken” I said and turned his neck thus breaking it, he died. I killed the THE MAN HUNTER.


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