24 HOURs

A full day of Horror

Book Cover: 24 HOURs
Editions: - Price: ₦ 500.00

Gabriel, the captain of the college Taekwondo team, he has a psychopath as a girlfriend though she killed his ex and a genius as a best friend. He thought he as tough so he fought a guy with a gun during the student government election. Now the college is after him and he is running for his life. Now he is not running alone, he has his psychopath and his genius with. He needs the psychopath to kill for him and the genius to think for him.

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“Let them come” She said and showed him the knife. He smiled, this is one of the times he really needs her psychopathic nature.
Someone soon banged on the door, Gabriel made to go in but she drew him back.
“I will get it” She said and walked towards the door. Gabriel followed her and stood behind the door as she made to open it.
“Where is he?” He heard a guy ask her, he peeped through the door hole and saw that it was just one guy, the rest must be waiting downstairs.
“Who?” Assurance asked, the guy smiled and looked away briefly, Assurance swiftly brought out her knife and stuck it into his arm. He shouted in pain and immediately punched her with the other hand. She fell to the floor and made to get up. He entered the room closing the door behind him. He removed the knife from his arm and threw it to the ground. He approached Assurance with a wicked laugh.


Gabriel immediately came out from his hiding, he turned the guy to face him and threw him a punch. He immediately gave another swinging punch to the side of the man’s head, the man staggered back but didn’t fall. Gabriel rushed towards him again and threw a kick to his side. The man was fast this time to quickly grab the leg. Gabriel had one leg on the ground and the other hanging, in the man’s hand. The man didn’t see it coming, with the other leg on the ground, Gabriel kicked him on the face and they both fell to the floor, the man in pain but Gabriel, fine. Gabriel got up immediately, the man also staggered and got up. Gabriel gave him three quick, successive punches on his face and there was another bleeding, he was now bleeding from his nose and the arm Assurance stabbed. Gabriel made to throw another punch but the man was fast enough this time to bend a little and so the punch missed him. The man immediately threw his own punch which caught Gabriel face. Gabriel staggered back. He threw another punch but Gabriel weaved, Gabriel made to throw his own punch but the man caught his hand. With all the strength left in him he lifted Gabriel up and landed him on the ground. The ground was tiled so the pain was unbearable for him. The man lifted him up again and pushed him to the wall, with Gabriel in a tight corner, he was battered with punches. Gabriel felt he was passing out, he once injured nose became injured again. The man was about throwing another heavy punch when he suddenly stopped, blood poured out of his mouth and splashed on Gabriel’s face. Slowly, he fell to reveal Assurance standing behind him, she had stuck a knife to his neck.
“We need to leave here”


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